„An example of how an Usher sees and hears the world“ filmed by Lydia Kremslehner, Forum Usher Deafblind Austria

Image and Audio description:

The Movie starts with the words „like me“, with white text on a black background. Then you can hear some noise from a bus, but you don´t see the bus. You see through a hole-view a digital black display with times of arrival of several buses. You cannot read the orange lines, because they are not so clear. Today, the sun is shining so it´s harder to recognize anything. Now you have to find the bus on your right hand, the bus drives off. Your view goes back to the unclear display, to a ticket machine and to another bus schedule. This schedule with black text on a white background is too small and the glass reflects the sunlight. Then you find a little orange box, there is a picture of a hand, it indicates that you can press the button. You press it – a voice starts telling you the times of arrival of the buses. In the background there is loud traffic noise so it´s impossible to understand this voice with hearing aids. It´s impossible to understand this because the microphones on the hearing aids amplify all noises in the same way; the unwanted noises around you as well as the voice in the box. You can see a big „I“ on the box below, there is something in braille, you read this with your finger, you can read „Info“. Then your eyes go back to the street to the ground there is a big white stripe, you follow the stripe on your left side and look back to the end of the main station. Now a person moves into your view and also a red tram. “Hurray, a red tram.” You know, in this town there are only a few trams and all trams go into town. When you get on a bus, you don´t know where the bus goes because the buses look very similar. Now your eyes follow the tram which moves towards the main station. You follow it taking a look on the ground with the white stripe. Now you see a person who also wants to get into the tram, you watch carefully – you look at their feet to see how the person gets in. The person carries a small bike and a child. After getting in, the closing doors’ signal begins. That stresses you – you have to hurry up and get into the tram fast. Your view goes over the plattform edge you get in; your view goes over the grey floor searching the wall to the left. You cannot see in the dark, no-one’s there, you go to the other side of the tram, there is light showing through the door. The signal of the closing door starts again. Now there is time to look up and a little bit around to have a view about the whole room in the tram, you look around to see who is there and where you have to go when you want to get off. The tram is moving off. You hear a child screaming but you don´t see the child. You search for the handholds. You search for the button to get off the tram. You find the button on the door on the other side of the tram. Now you think: „Maybe the other button to get off is on the door by which you are standing..?“ You look and search with your hand at the door next to you. “Yeah.” in the dark, there is a small circle; „This could be the button.“ You press the button. Now you look out of the door to have a look on the street. The light outside and inside changes it´s gonna be dark and then light. For your eyes it´s confusing because your eyes cannot adjust to the change in light so fast. So the room in the tram is now really dark. You look around slowly to have an overview again because you have to get off soon. On the right side there are two people near the door to get off. You are looking at the ground at the feet of the first person, you are feeling the wall and handholds with your hand. The door opens, you can see light, you start following the person in front of you. You can see the outlines of the feet, they are walking one step down onto the road. You look carefully at the plattform edge and at the road. The yellow line is from the tram and the white line is from the road. You make a big step, the signal of closing door starts again and you are stressed, you have to look back on your right hand on the street very fast. Because here it is possible that cyclists meet. You go to the pavement and think: „Ok there are no bikes I have managed this!” Then you find a pole in front of you, you stop to take a look around to see where you are. You also check the floor for obstacles. The tram on the left hand moves off. You start to go forward always looking on the floor and the people in front of you. The view is good. Most people swerve, you go near the wall, then all you have to do is to look at one side to see people. Near the wall there are people standing. “Hmh.” You have to move around them. Your view goes repeatedly back and forth to check your way where you can go. You hear bus noises and a bell of a tram. Now the wall to your right hand ends you look on the pavement, the sun is dazzling you don’t see any more it´s gonna be dark in this moment. Your view goes back on your path. Somebody appears suddenly from the left then you see on the right a pole again. You move forward slowly to try one view on the right side again. „Maybe now I can see more? Hm, a little bit but not so much.“ you think. Now on the left side on the ground you find the guide system for visually impaired persons you start to walk this way. Your view goes repeatedly back and forth always checking where people might appear from. On the right side comes a person with a rollator, you look at their feet. The person walks to the crosswalk on the left side. Then suddenly two people are there they move fast, you stop walking to look what they do. They overtake you then you start following their steps and walk near to the wall. You take a look around, you see the crosswalk again to the left. You follow the steps of the person in front of you. Then the person stops, you have to overtake, you take again a look back and forth. Then the video gets dark and ends. There you can read a white text on a black background „all rights are reserved by lydia kremslehner“

The End. Thank you for watching and/or reading.

Lydia Kremslehner


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